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Let's go!

Why Africa ? It may seem obvious, online you will read many opinions about the "African sickness", what leaves you in your heart, but only by trying it you will understand!

Between these lines you will find a series of useful information to better face your trip to Zanzibar and above all I will detail wonderful places that you can visit.

So don't worry! Whether you are a family, a couple, a group or traveling with yourself, the island will offer you what you are looking for. And if you're thinking .. "I only have one week left, how are we going to choose what to do?" Don't worry! Each excursion is explained in detail so you can choose the best according to your needs and tastes.



Many ask me what is best to bring in your suitcase .. to give you two tips I suggest you take the season in which you will stay as a reference:


Winter (from June to early October): you will find beautiful days, characterized by the pleasant wind that during the day will brighten the heat (about 26 ° C), while in the evening it will make you wear a sweatshirt or a light cotton sweater.

Summer (from the end of November to the beginning of March): the heat will be more intense (around 33 ° C) therefore we recommend light and cotton clothes, many swimsuits and flip-flops that can never be missing in your suitcase!


Other useful articles not to forget:


  • 50+ Sun cream protection! :)

  • Action Cam : whether it is a GoPro or a low cost version, you will need it to shoot the wonderful colors of the Indian Ocean and to interact with the various animals you will meet on excursions


  • Money: Bring euros or dollars with you or exchange euros for shillings (local currency) at the airport upon your arrival in Zanzibar. Once you land, find the gearbox door on your right


  • SIM for the smartphone: here you will find the WIFI service, both in the Rooms area, the Pool, the restaurant and the Beach, but if you need a mobile connection for your needs, it is better to buy a local SIM, always available at the airport exit. on the left you will find a counter that sells sims and with about 10 euros you have 4 gigabytes for 2 weeks of stay


  • Electric sockets: on the island, those of the English model are used, which form a triangle, but in our Resort you will find Italian sockets and you will not have any problems.



Zanzibar weather ? We advise you not to rely on online forecasts which often show the symbol of the sun, cloud and rain at the same time.

We suggest you to rely on this graph indicatively, I emphasize indicatively since the data refer to a historian that nowadays sees many changes, such as the rains in March, which are less and less frequent.

For any doubts contact us, and we will be able to give you information regarding the specific period.

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