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Life and Balance Spa

Opening time

Every day

from 09.00 to 00.00

Only on Appointment


Often we cannot find the time to heal ourselves, we are always ready not to neglect work, home, children and companions ..

Discover NATURA, our SPA zone entirely immersed in the magic of Africa: scents, sounds and emotions that will regenerate body and mind, removing stress and enveloping you in a tailor-made pampering ..

Only you


The Natura format was born from the concept of 360 degree relaxation

thanks to techniques from all over the world, our operators will be able to transport you on a unique journey: from the Indies to the most ancient African rituals, all accompanied by the sounds of Nature.

The sound of Nature


The African continent is rich in raw materials that have been used for millennia for the well-being of the body and skin

All our treatments are made with natural ingredients, worked by local artisans, from north to south of the island

Our secret

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